COLOP/MICROBAN Protect Kids Stamp


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Help children wash their germ monsters away! The World Health Organisation (WHO) advise that washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the best way to combat the spread of germs, but how do we convey this message to our children in a fun way without adding the scare factor? The answer: COLOP's new Protect Kids Stamp! Make hand washing fun - first thing in the morning pass on a couple of germs to your child by stamping their palms and the backs of their hands with the Protect Kids Stamp, then leave to dry for a few seconds. Encourage your child to wash their hands at regular intervals during the day so they can watch their germs gradually fade away - tests have shown that the stamp is usually gone completely after 4-5 washes (depending on skin type). At bedtime check their hands to make sure their germs have disappeared....because nobody wants a germ monster hiding in their room at night! Skin Safe Ink The ink supplied with each of these stamps have been dermatologically tested and certified as harmless to skin. This ink has been awarded the "Excellent" seal of approval by the independent Dermatest Institute. Each ink pad will give around 3,000 impressions. Added Protection The COLOP Protect Kids Stamp has Microban antibacterial solution built into each stamp which gives you extra protection against harmful microbes. Microban provides antibacterial protection and fights the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the stamp.
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